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Monogram Etiquette

man wearing monogrammed suspender

What Is A Monogram?

Monograms are initials that are used to personalize clothing, accessories, belongings, and gifts. Monograms are available in a variety of fonts including interlocking monograms, circle monograms, or just a simple, clean monogram like the Times New Roman monogram photographed above on our Jeffrey Monogram Suspender. Monograms are both used for men and women, and are a classic way to elevate any outfit, accessory, or gift!

What Order Should My Monogram Be?

Monograms are typically placed in first, LAST, middle initial order.

'Amy Grace Smith' = ASG
For example, if your name was Amy Grace Smith, your monogram would be aSg in that order, with the larger initial (your last initial) placed in the center. If Amy Grace Smith were to marry Jeffrey Johnson, Amy's new monogram would be:
'Amy Grace Johnson' = AJG
Traditionally, men place their initials in first, middle, last order. However, it is totally up to you however you would like to place your initials - we've done it both ways, hundreds of times!
For example:
'Jeffrey Michael Smith' = JMS

How Do Monograms Work For Married Couples?

For married couples, monograms are the wife's first initial, the couple's last initial, and the husband's first initial. Why? Ladies first!
For example:
Jeff and Amy Johnson's monogram would be = JSA


When ordering, please put the initials in the order that you would like to be placed on the item.