Wedding Second Look Ideas

It is the year of second looks. Many ladies are opting for a second dress to change into during the reception, but there are other ways to have a second look. Second looks also don't have to break the bank. 

Here are some affordable second look dresses that don't break the bank... and support small businesses. 

Second Dress Ideas for Wedding

  • Option 1: For less than $200, this dress is adorable, flirty, and FUN 

  • Option 2: This dress feels very Jackie Kennedy. Classic, simple, and so cute

  • Option 3: ATBridalDress on Etsy has a TON of great options, but I love this one!

  • Option 4: This is the priciest option out of the 4, but can you really go wrong with a little sparkle?! (The correct answer is no)

How To Have A Second Look Without Changing Your Dress

Some argue against changing into a second dress because you only get to wear your wedding dress once, why not wear it the whole time?! Totally understandable... if you still want to have a second look, without changing into a second dress, this is 100% possible. Here are some ideas:

  • Change your hair - go from half up half down to a low bun, or go from all down to a fun party pony! 
  • Add a fun hair accessory - we LOVE the idea of adding a tulle or bow to your hair for your party look
  • Alice Jacket - wear our personalized Alice Jacket! Our Alice Jacket is a perfect second look for the reception or sparkler exit look!
  • Change your earrings - go from classic to spunky! This is such an easy and fun change for your reception.
  • Add fun sleeves - Love the look of puffy sleeves, but don't want to commit to all of your photos? Add on puff sleeves for your reception! This is such an easy and fun way to completely change your look! These are beautiful. 
  • If your dress is strapless - add clip-on straps for the reception. We love these.

If you try any of these ideas, be sure to let us know. Happy wedding planning!

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