Introducing AGM Designs

Introducing our new name, AGM Designs! In case you missed it, we rebranded! Our old name, Amy Grace Monograms just didn't fit anymore as we have grown and expanded into a brand that is more than just monograms. However, we did want to keep our old nickname, AGM, which is where AGM Designs came in! We specialize in designing luxury wedding accessories in our AGM Weddings line for brides and grooms. We also design all of the items in our shop, from t-shirts to crew necks, to our Bride-to-Be Box, Amy Grace has a hand in designing all of it!

When we realized we wanted to rebrand, we knew just who to reach out to, to help us design our new logo, Arc&Co. Like all great things in life, I truly believe God had his hands in planning our paths to cross. Abby, the designer and creative eye behind Arc&Co., and I met through a mutual friend, and the timing was perfect. Abby was getting ready to launch her business, and we were in desperate need of a creative eye to rework our logo. Abby was nothing short of amazing and worked with us to create the logo and brand of our dreams!

The intertwined lettering of AGM Designs represents how all of the branches of our business (AGM Weddings and AGM Missions) come together to represent our brand. We love how our new branding is sophisticated, and luxurious, while still being welcoming and playful. Abby has such an amazing eye for design, and we could not recommend Abby of Arc&Co. more. If you are in need of branding, web design, or email marketing, we highly recommend reaching out to Abby!

Until then, take a look at our new branding suite:

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