Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Personalized + Preppy

Let's just be honest... groomsmen are hard to shop for. We always see a groomsmen's gifts - flasks, personalized whiskey glasses, and drink holders on repeat. We are here to tell you that groomsmen gifts don't have to be boring or the same old repeated gift. Here are 3 unique and classy groomsmen gift ideas.

  1. Our Jeffrey Suspenders - we have to start off with our best-selling Jeffrey Monogram Suspenders. These are a perfect accessory with the groomsmen's initials that can be worn well after the wedding. They are perfect because they are hidden by the jacket during the ceremony, but the personalized touch comes out to play during the reception. We also love these because of the luxury gift boxes they come in, ready for gift-giving. All you have to do is gift it and you are ready to go. 
  2. Our Bradley Bow Tie - This 100% satin bow tie comes in a beautiful gift box, also ready for gift giving. It is a classic choice, perfect for a black tie affair, and pairs wonderfully with our Jeffrey Suspender.
  3. Our Monogram Handkerchief - This is truly a unique gift that is perfect for a classic wedding. We love the crisp Times New Roman font embroidered in black on a white handkerchief. 


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