Gift Guide For Groomsmen

Do You Need To Buy Groomsmen Gifts?

This is a question we get asked fairly often. Everyone knows about bridesmaid gifts, but are groomsmen gifts really that important? While some may say no, we strongly feel the answer is yes. Your groomsmen are still spending time and money to be part of your wedding, and who doesn't appreciate a thoughtful gift? While many groomsmen gifts are centered around alcohol: personalized flasks, beer glasses, bottle openers, etc., there are tons of other gifts you can get for your groomsmen as well that are a little outside the box. 

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

A great place to start is Etsy! As a small business ourselves, of course, we recommend shopping small! Try searching 'personalized groomsmen gift' or 'unique groomsmen gift idea' and see what comes up.

Some of our favorites are:

A popular groomsmen gift we have been seeing a lot recently is monogram suspenders. Especially if the men are wearing black tuxedos, monogram suspenders are a thoughtful, personalized way to add a fun touch to your wedding. What is even better, is it is a classy gift that the groomsmen can wear for years to come.

We have also seen a lot of usher gifts as well! Don't forget to gift your ushers something small, especially if they will be attending the rehearsal dinner with the rest of your bridal party!

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