Black Tie Dress Code: Explained

Black tie dress code

What Is A Black-Tie Wedding?

Aside from white-tie dress codes, black-tie wedding dress codes are the most formal dress code for weddings. Black-tie indicates the wedding is a formal, evening event. It is important to match the aesthetic and formality of the ceremony and reception when requiring guests to wear black-tie attire. This typically means plated dinner, more extensive floral arrangements and installations, and 

Women should wear a floor-length gown or a cocktail dress that isn't too revealing.

Men should wear a tuxedo featuring a black dinner jacket, black bow tie, white pleated button-up shirt, and nice black dress shoes. A belt should never be worn with a tuxedo, and instead, suspenders are commonly used. Our Monogram Jeffrey Suspender adds a great personal touch to the cohesive look of black-tie, while still remaining elegant and formal. 

How Do You Write A Dress Code On Wedding Invitations?

All you have to do is add "black-tie" at the bottom of your invitations to indicate the wedding dress code is black-tie. This is typically placed in the bottom, righthand corner of wedding invitations. 

Black-Tie Optional vs. Black-Tie 

Adding black-tie optional to your wedding invitation and wedding website indicates that guests can wear black-tie attire, but at the very least, elevated cocktail attire is required. This means luxury fabrics, typically long dresses for women, or even a tailored jumpsuit. Skip out on the short cocktail dresses, crazy patterns, and o sparkle. Men have the option to wear a tuxedo, of course, or a dark-colored suit is fine. Men also can accessorize with a bow tie and suspenders

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