7 Tips To Make Your Wedding Morning Smooth From A Wedding Planner

Our founder and CEO, Amy, is also the owner and lead planner at Glass and Grace Events, a wedding planning business serving the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio areas. Here are her 7 tips for a smooth wedding morning.

How To Have a Smooth Wedding Morning

1. Get Enough Sleep - This one is huge. It is so easy to want to stay up late after having all of your friends and family come in for the rehearsal dinner or welcome party. It is so important to get to bed at a decent time so you can truly look and feel your best for the wedding morning.

2. Have a Food Game Plan - Have a game plan for what you will be eating, who will be dropping it off or making the food, and make sure there is enough for everyone who will be with you the morning of the wedding (moms, bridesmaids, etc.) We always ask our clients what their food game plan is the morning of the wedding, and surprisingly, it is something that is often forgotten with our brides!

3. Only Have People In The Room That You Want There - If you have an aunt that stresses you out, she shouldn't be in the room while you are getting ready. Keeping it small and intimate with your bridesmaids and moms can help to reduce stress.

4. Set The Vibes - Think a fun playlist (hello T-Swift and Mamma Mia!), a yummy smelling candle, and matching outfits for your girls

5. Make Sure To Stay Hydrated - It is a long day and it is easy to forget about something so simple: staying hydrated. Make sure to drink lots of water in the morning so you have enough time to go to the restroom before putting on your dress!

6. Make Sure You Have Enough Time Scheduled To Put On Your Dress - This one is a big one. You may think - 10 minutes that'll be fine to schedule for the timeline. Wrong! We always schedule at least 25 minutes in our timelines for putting on your wedding dress. Not only do you want to have enough time for photos, but all those buttons, tape, and putting on shapewear, all take much longer than putting on a typical dress.

7. Hand Your Phone Off To A Bridesmaid - Having someone designated to get footage of your wedding day on your phone is a must! Waking up the next morning with your hubby and looking through the behind-the-scenes footage of your wedding day is so special!

All in all, these are simple tips that can make a huge impact on your wedding morning! 

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