3 Things You Should Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

What You Should Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

Ahhh congratulations you're engaged! Now what?! Coming from an Ohio-based wedding planner who (obviously) loves all things weddings, the first thing you should do is truly enjoy the first week or so of your engagement. Celebrate this time and soak it all in! After taking time to soak in this exciting season, and celebrate with your new fiancé, family, and friends, here are three things you should focus on next:

1. Set a Budget - Sit down with your parents, fiancé, and whoever is contributing to your wedding funds and set a budget. This will help drive your decisions when it comes to the venue, food, and all the things that go into wedding planning decisions.

2. Pick Your Top 3 - Sit down with your fiancé and individually write down the top 3 things that are most important to you. Whether it is having pizza at the reception, a live band, or a beautiful floral installation. Decide what is most important to each of you and let that drive your budget decisions. 

3. Start Curating Your Pinterest Board - Enough with the budget talks -- start working on your Pinterest board to help later on with your venue and design decisions. Start figuring out what you love and don't love as much! This is the fun part, so grab yourself a big ole glass of wine and start pinning! Need inspiration? Check out our Pinterest here!

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