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Dayton Strong

In August of 2019, after the tragic mass shooting that took place in Dayton's beautiful Oregon District, we decided to come together to play our small part in raising money to help our hometown. 

We started selling Dayton Strong Decals that could be placed on your laptop, car, notebook, or water bottle, and sold them for $5. To help raise as much money as possible, we took care of the fees (postage, supplies, labor, etc.), and donated 100% of the order total from every $5.00 Dayton Strong Decal sold. Within 48 hours we sold out, and sold 400 decals, raising $2,000 for the Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund to help those directly affected by the mass shooting.
After receiving great feedback from the Dayton Strong Decal sale, we sold Dayton Strong crew necks, where $5.00 from each order went to the Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Foundation, and together raised $2,150 for those affected by this tragedy.
It warms my heart to see Daytonians come together in times of tragedy from local businesses providing free coffee, to individuals leaving anonymous kind notes around the Oregon District, this is what Dayton is all about. While our hurts will forever hurt with those affected by the tragedy, we will continue to stand strong against hate and promote love, kindness, and compassion to those around us.

Thank you to everyone that helped us donate $2,150 to help those affected. It really is amazing how much of an impact one decal could make. 
Please submit all Dayton Strong Decal or Crew Neck photos to amygracemonograms@gmail.com


Dayton Strong.